cc licensed flickr photo shared by marsmet546

cc licensed flickr photo shared by marsmet546

“Change is inevitable; growth is optional.” John C Maxwell

Change seems to be the topic of many blog posts I have read this week.

Complicated concept, complex emotion.

When I wrote my post about April struggles… I was unaware that I would be facing an admin transfer to another school in our district.  I have been at “my” school for five years now.  Five years of building relationships, collaborating, creating, learning, growing.  Five years at the school that I attended as a child.

Now I am facing change…

Most who know me, know that I am not afraid of change.  I consistently seek new ideas, new resources, or new ways of doing things.  (Hence my coursework and my journey into the world of twitter and blogging).  I enjoy the learning and growing that naturally come with change.

But, to be completely honest, with any change I also feel anxiety and fear.  Anxiety of the unknown.  Moving to a new school.  New families, new students, new staff, new culture, new building.  Fear of making a mistake (this is something I feel even when not facing change :)).  However, making a mistake before building relationships or trust scares me a little.


I can’t help but be a little excited as well.  I am more confident in my knowledge and skills as an administrator.   Part of my job that I enjoy the most and that I feel I do quite well is, establishing relationships.  I get to “start over” with new students, families and staff.  Getting to know students, their strengths, their learning styles and their interests.  I have the opportunity to collaborate with a new staff.  Each new teacher I meet and learn from, makes me a better administrator.  I view this change as a chance to build on what I know and to improve!

So, while I am saddened to leave “my” school, I am beginning to admit that I am also looking forward to the change.

“Change in all things is sweet” – Aristotle