What’s the timeline? (16/17)

timelineProfessional Development Days:

Each PD day will be guided by a driving question, focused on implementing integration of the arts across the curriculum.  We have been asked by our central office to draft a PD plan for the school year.  Using our vision, philosophy and ideas, I have drafted a plan as that includes the following driving questions:

What do the arts mean in my life? And in our school?

What are the big ideas in our curriculum?

How can we map our curriculum with a focus on integration of the arts?

What makes an exemplary driving question?

What will we accept as evidence of student learning?

How can we utilize vertical and horizontal curriculum alignment to develop Authentic Learning tasks?

What are the essential components of Authentic Learning tasks at St. Catherine?

How can we shift our focus of assessment to the process of learning?

How will we integrate the 21st century competencies with the arts and other curriculum?

What did we learn this year?

Staff Meetings:

Through out the year, the first 30 minutes of each staff meeting will be dedicated to professional learning.  We will use two main resources to guide this process: Artful Teaching and IQ: A Practical Guide to Inquiry Based Learning.