Impact on Student Learning (18/19)

Alone-We-Can-Do-So-LittleThrough a process of positive and collegial collaboration, teachers will plan to integrate fine arts through core curriculum, therefore, having a positive impact on student learning.  When teachers are able to collaborate, work and learn from each other, their teaching will improve.  Teachers will work together to develop cross-curricular and divisional learning tasks.  Breaking down the “traditional” format of education, will allow teachers to take the necessary risks involved in a new adventure such as this one.   Providing time during professional development days and our staff meetings will ensure consistency through the school year as we work together.

Research clearly demonstrates that arts integration increases student engagement and achievement.  Learning through the arts allows students to develop creativity and critical thinking skills.  We are trying to prepare students for a future that is unknown.  We need students to be able to problem solve and think critically.  Students need to be able to apply what they know to new situations, they need to be able to develop solutions to unknown problems.  We believe that by integrating the arts, students will develop these necessary skills.