What does the research say?

Professional Capital (Andy Hargreaves & Michael Fullan)

We are currently working through a group book study.  I look forward to including my reflections here.

Motivating & Inspiring Teachers (Todd Whitaker, Beth Whitaker & Dale Lumpa)

The authors consistently speak of the importance of affirming the work of our teachers every day.  Teacher work hard, there is no doubt.  It is my job to help each teacher in my building become the best teacher they can, thus, impacting student learning.  There is a section of the book devoted to peer-observation.  The authors point out that if a teacher invites another teacher into observe them, they have a sense of pride and ownership in the process that does not come when the observations are forced upon them.

What Great Principals Do Differently? (Todd Whitaker)

Todd Whitaker writes about the importance of getting teachers into each other’s classrooms.  He states, “The collaboration among classroom teachers is one of the most basic and effective ways to improve instruction.”  He also ensures that each teacher feels valued in the process, pairing up teachers in a way to foster relationships.

The Collaborative Administrator (Multiple Contributors)

Leadership is about relationships and it takes heart.  The authors of this collaborative book speak about the importance of working with our teachers to create positive, collaborative cultures in our schools.  The authors encourage us to serve, model and celebrate.  Through the book, the authors consistently encourage leaders to share authority, empower others, and assess their effectiveness.

The Ten-Minute Inservice (Todd Whitaker & Annette Breaux)

“Don’t we all have the goal of helping every one of our teachers become better than they already are?”  The authors see value in teachers observing other teachers. In chapter 30, they speak of the importance of learning from each other.  There are multiple benefits listed.    Through the example provided, teachers demonstrate improvement in their practice and a desire to continue observing each other.

Engaging Teachers in Classroom Walkthroughs (Donald S. Kachur, Judith A Stout & Claudia L. Edwards)

The authors of the book encourages teachers to learn from each other through a cycle of continuous professional development, through observation, feedback, inquiry and follow-up.  When teachers engage in a collaborative observation process, student learning is positively impacted.

Building Collaborative Cultures: Seeking Ways to Reshape Urban Schools (by Kent Peterson)

The result of building collaborative structures is a “supportive, professional culture that promotes the continuous renewal of instructional methods and curricular offerings in an atmosphere of collegiality, trust and shared mission, serving all the students of the school.”  This monograph outlines the structures and attitudes required by administration to begin the development of a collaborative culture.  In schools where collaborative cultures exist all students benefit from the teacher’s continuous improvement of their instructional practice.


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