Evidence of Implementation

rubber meets the road

December 12th:

Presented to staff the idea of peer observations during our PD day.

Peer Observation

Teachers were asked to fill out this form to assist in the planning of the individual observations:

Peer Observation Plan Sheet

Teachers were open to the idea and appreciative of the time and support given.  We are looking forward to February when we will discuss our experiences.

Evidence of observations:

Only a few teachers found the time to observe one another.  They shared their experience with the staff at the February 13th PD day.  Teachers were very interested in the reflections.  I encouraged all teachers to plan one more observation.

February 13th, 2015:

Before we determined our plan for the PD day we sent out a Google feedback form to our teachers.  You can find it here

We used the results of this form to guide us as we planned our upcoming Professional Development day.  By working with direct feedback from teachers, I feel we were able to make a plan for the day that would help all of our teachers continue to grow and collaborate.

During the day we had several opportunities to collaborate in small groups. But we took time to share what each teacher was working on in relation to their PLT.  This time was valuable learning time for our teachers.  They shared their Essential Question and one celebration of their learning.  Teachers were excited to share, but also excited to learn about what their colleagues were learning.  I will be sending a similar form for feedback about our PD day to the teachers so I can understand what they found useful about their day.  I believe that it is important to listen to the teacher’s feedback, both positive and negative.

I plan to use a similar form for our upcoming PD day in May.

March and April:

My goal is to observe in every  classroom at least one time in the next two months focusing my observation on the individual teacher’s PLC.  My hope is to be able to provide feedback that will support their learning.


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