Professional Learning Plan 14/15

Professional Learning Plan


This school year our district has asked us to create a Professional Learning Plan in place of our Professional Growth Plans.  The plan is a reflective process that we will continue to develop through the year.  Time has been provided through the addition of 11 early release Fridays to collaborate with colleagues.  As an administrator, I will be facilitating teachers as we work through the process.  However, I believe that whatever I ask my teachers to do, I should be doing as well. We can utilize whatever format or platform that works for us, so I have begun my PLP here on my blog/digital portfolio.  We are asked to include the following components:

1. Faith Component

2. Essential Question

3. Why I chose my Essential Question?

4. Impact on Student Learning

5. What does the research say?

6. What’s the plan?

7.  What’s the timeline?

8. Evidence of Implementation

9. Final Reflection

10. References & Resources