Understanding and Responding to the Larger Societal Context

As outlined by Alberta Education

The principal understands and responds appropriately to the political, social, economic, legal and cultural contexts impacting the school.

The principal:

a) advocates for the needs and interests of children and youth

  • I am a strong advocate for students.  I am proud of my efforts to meet the needs of all of our students.

b) demonstrates a knowledge of local, national, and global issues and trends related to education

  • Through my work on my Master’s courses and my PLN on twitter, I am becoming more aware of the global issues and trends related to education

c) assesses and responds to the unique and diverse community needs in the context of the school’s vision and mission

  • St. Pat’s: We provide lunches and snacks to any student who requires it.  We have set aside money to meet these needs.  This year we have spent over $3000 feeding our students.  Money well spent.
  • Created a partnership with our local Parent Link agency to implement a Positively Me program for 12 girls ages 9-12.  This program focuses on developing positive self-esteem. We ran a session at St. Patrick in the spring of 2013 and a session at St. Kateri in April/May 2014.
  • Work closely with our school FNMI liaison to establish closer relationships with our FNMI families.

d) advocates for the community’s support of the school and the larger education system

  • St. Patrick: Attempted to access a grant to provide a healthy snack program for our students.  We were unsuccessful, but we continue to advocate to be a part of the city snack program.
  • St. Patrick: Accessed funds through schoollifefund to purchase a class set of snowshoes to promote physical activity in our students.

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