Managing School Operations and Resources

As outlined by Alberta Education

The principal manages school operations and resources to ensure a safe and caring, and effective learning environment.

The principal:
a) effectively plans, organizes and manages the human, physical and financial resources of the school and identifies the areas of need
b) ensures that school operations align with legal frameworks such as: provincial legislation, regulation and policy; as well as school authority policy, directives and initiatives
c) utilizes principles of teaching, learning and student development to guide management decisions and the organization of learning

  • I worked with the VP and front office staff to develop a Staff Handbook for St. Kateri.  This handbook provides staff with meaningful information about the school and the running of the school.
  • I have developed, over time, policies surrounding student conduct.
  • I promote a positive school climate through a process of restorative justice.
  • I monitor student behaviour by being present during recess, lunch and before and after school.  When we have noticed behaviour that needs correcting I attempt to assist supervision.  I feel that being present during these times enables me to better speak to the issues that may be occurring.
  • Through the school year, in collaboration with the VP, we conduct 6 fire drills, 2 lockdowns and complete two safety inspections.
  • I develop and maintain the school mini-budget and the school trust fund budget.  Staying in-line with district policies and regulations.
  • Working with the staff and the school plan determine areas of need for the school.  (This year purchasing new phys. ed. equipment, home reading books, Balanced Literacy resources and Learning Commons furniture)

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