Developing and Facilitating Leadership

As outlined by Alberta Education

The principal promotes the development of leadership capacity within the school community –- students, teachers and other staff, parents, school council for the overall benefit of the school community and education system.

The principal:
a) demonstrates informed decision making through open dialogue and consideration of multiple perspectives

  • As a staff we discuss and collaborate on a variety of issues throughout the year.  Student improvement is one of our first conversations at the beginning of the school year.  We have created a culture of respect during our collaborative times.  Teachers are open to learning from each other during these times.

b) promotes team building and shared leadership among members of the school community

  • I promote team building and positive school culture through school activities and school spirit days (even though I don’t dress up:))
  • I encourage staff to share their talents
  • There are various opportunities for staff to share their skills talents and resources.
  • We have a School Based Leadership Team.  We work together to develop and implement our professional development days.  Each member of the team takes on different responsibilities or tasks.
  • This year (2013-2014) our Differentiated Instruction Lead Teachers are taking the lead on our Professional Development Days.  They are working with a District Lead Teacher to develop and prepare for our days.  Both of our reps have done a wonderful job in their roles.
  • We have been focusing on Balanced Literacy as well as a district.  We have two Division 2 teachers who are learning about how to implement Balanced Literacy in a division 2 classroom.  They have asked for time during our staff meetings and professional development days to share their learning.  Again, I appreciate the role they have taken on.
  • I encourage and support teachers to pursue collaboration.  I will cover a class or cover the cost of a sub to facilitate this learning. Next year, I am encouraging teachers to invite other teachers in to observe with the purpose to receive peer feedback.
  • I am currently reflecting on the possibility of creating a Staff/Teacher Interest Inventory for staff to complete at the beginning of the school year.  As teachers, we ask students to complete these surveys so we can get to know them as learners.  This idea should work for me to get to know the staff I work with.

c) facilitates meaningful involvement of the school community, where appropriate, in the school’s operation using collaborative and consultative decision-making strategies

  • I promote the School Council at every available opportunity.  The work they do for our school is amazing and they are always seeking assistance.
  • I share with the School Council our school Accountability Pillar results and our school goals for the year.

d) identifies and mentors teachers for future educational leadership roles

  • I provide support for teachers pursuing leadership roles within our school or district.
  • I am enjoying the collaboration I have been doing with my VP this year.  We work well together, sharing learning, ideas and funny anecdotes.

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