Providing Instructional Leadership

As outlined by Alberta Education

A leader ensures that every student has access to quality teaching and optimum learning experiences.

Achievement of this competency is demonstrated by indicators such as:

(a) building the capacity of teachers to respond to the learning needs of all students;

(b) implementing professional growth, supervision and evaluation processes to ensure that all teachers meet the Teaching Quality Standard;

(c) ensuring that student instruction addresses learning outcomes outlined in programs of study;

(d) facilitating mentorship and induction supports for teachers and principals, as required;

(e) demonstrating a strong understanding of effective pedagogy and curriculum;

(f) facilitating the use of a variety of technologies to support learning for all students;

(g) ensuring that student assessment and evaluation practices are fair, appropriate, and evidence-informed;

(h) interpreting a wide range of data to inform school practice and enable success for all students; and

(i) facilitating access to resources, agencies and experts within and outside the school community to enhance student learning and development.


From prior, “Principal Quality Standard”
The principal:

a) demonstrates a sound understanding of current pedagogy and curriculum

  • Review teacher’s Emergency Sub Plans and Long Range Plans each year to ensure they are curriculum based and current
  • Communicate with staff current and future curriculum implementations

b) implements strategies for addressing standards of student achievement

  • Discussions about exemplars and student assessment practices
  • During February Staff Meeting I led a PLC about classroom assessment using a Reading Comprehension strategy I learned at a recent PD.

c) ensures that student assessment and evaluation practices throughout the school are fair, appropriate and balanced

  • Review and update school policy on assessment practices
  • Collaborate with staff about the importance of fair assessment practices
  • read each student report card and provide feedback to individual teachers for terms one and two of this current school year.
  • Ensure that PowerSchool is updated for parents and students to have accurate and current information
  • During February Staff Meeting I led a PLC about classroom assessment.

d) implements effective supervision and evaluation to ensure that all teachers consistently meet the Alberta Teaching Quality Standard

  • Visit classrooms consistently.  Established a school plan for Supervision.  Here is our plan for the 2013/2014 school year.
  • Meet with teachers to discuss their Professional Growth Plans.  During these meetings we discuss their goals and what I might do to best support them in meeting their goals for the year.

e) ensures that appropriate pedagogy is utilized in response to various dimensions of student diversity

  • Communicate with staff about the diversity of our student population.  We collaborate about how to ensure that each student in our school will be successful.
  • FNMI District Lead presented to our staff during our December Professional Development Day. She spent time teaching us about various cultural implications about our FNMI Learners.

f) ensures that students have access to appropriate programming based on their individual learning needs

  • Professional Development days focused on Differentiated Instruction
  • Ensure that teachers follow the Pyramids of Intervention established by Director of Inclusive Education and Classroom Support Teachers
  • Collaborate frequently with our Classroom Support Teacher regarding student’s programming and individual learning needs.
  • Attend parent and IPP meetings of each of our coded students.

g) recognizes the potential of new and emerging technologies, and enables their meaningful integration in support of teaching and learning

  • Using Google Docs within staff meetings to gather information and feedback
  • Encourage and support teacher’s seeking professional development
  • Collaborated with our District 1:1 Initiative and the Provincial Community of Practice to learn about emerging technology
  • Demonstrating my learning through the use of twitter and blogging through conversations with staff members.
  • becoming active user of twitter and various other technologies, sharing my learning with my staff and colleagues
  • Development of Learning Commons
  • supporting teachers through purchasing and installation of required technology

h) ensures that teachers and other staff communicate and collaborate with parents and community agencies,where appropriate, to support student learning

  • Ensure that teachers provide parents with monthly newsletters or information through a current class web-site.
  • Strongly encourage teachers to make “sunshine” calls (positive calls) to parents through the school year
  • implementation of Synervoice technology to communicate with parents
  • Supper meeting to build teacher capacity on understanding of class web-sites, iPads and Edmodo

i) supports the use of community resources to enhance student learning.

  • Partnership with Parent Link to implement the “Positively Me” program at our school (St. Patrick & St. Kateri)
  • Created a shared google doc for staff to list all the Community resources they use through a school year.  This will be a “Master” list that teachers can refer to for ideas and resources.
  • Collaborative efforts with our School Community Team
  • I worked with an outreach agency for about 3 days, trying to secure housing for a family in our school.  If a child doesn’t have a roof over their head, they are not going to be able to focus on learning.
  • Collaborate with Mental Health to address student mental health issues.  Attend appointments to advocate for students.
  • Collaborated with PACE to have the “Who Do You Tell?” program presented to each class in our school
  • Consistently seeking community resources to meet the diverse needs of our students.

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