Leading a Learning Community

As outlined by Alberta Education

A leader nurtures and sustains a culture that supports evidence-informed teaching and learning.

Achievement of this competency is demonstrated by indicators such as:

(a) fostering in the school community equality and respect with regard to rights as provided for in the Alberta Human Rights Act and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms;

(b) creating an inclusive learning environment in which diversity is embraced, a sense of belonging is emphasized, and all students and staff are welcomed, cared for, respected, and safe;

(c) developing a shared responsibility for the success of all students;

(d) cultivating a culture of high expectations for all students and staff;

(e) creating meaningful, collaborative learning opportunities for teachers and support staff;

(f) establishing opportunities and expectations for the positive involvement of parents/guardians in supporting student learning;

(g) creating an environment for the safe and ethical use of technology;

(h) collaborating with community service agencies to provide wrap-around supports for all students who may require them, including those with mental health needs; and

(i) recognizing student and staff accomplishment


From prior, “Principal Quality Standard”
The principal:

a) promotes and models life-long learning for students, teachers and other staff

  • I read, read and read professional resources.  I like to share quotes or parts of what I have read with teachers and other staff when it is appropriate.
  • In classrooms and in conversation with students I speak about the fact that I attempt each day to learn something new.
  • Students and staff know that I am currently taking graduate courses.  I share my experiences of learning.
  • I encourage teachers to attend PD that is meaningful and relates to their goals and support these teachers as needed.
  • This school year I have attended:
    • the VRTA training (4 days)
    • “When Kids Can’t Read” PD with Kylene Beers and Robert Probst.  I took one of the strategies I learned and used it to introduce my staff to our KSA Learning during our next PLC at our staff meeting.
  • I am registered to attend a PD session in August with John Hattie.

b) fosters a culture of high expectations for students, teachers and other staff

  • Academic expectations are clearly articulated in many ways in our school.  From teacher’s long range and unit plans to the student’s having a solid understanding of the outcome or daily learning expected.
  • Behaviour expectations are clearly outlined at the beginning of the year and then through out the year in a variety of ways.  I have re-vised the staff handbook and student agenda several times.  I keep a copy on my desk that I make any notes, changes or additions to through the year.

c) promotes and facilitates meaningful professional development for teachers and other staff

  • At the beginning of each school year, as a staff, we analyze our school data and district goals to determine a professional development focus.  By collaborating to create goals, we all have ownership in the process.
  • I work with a group of teachers to carry out our School Based Professional Development Days.

d) facilitates meaningful parental involvement and ensures they are informed about their child’s learning and development.

  • An area of continual reflection for myself.  The relationship between school and home is critical.  I am constantly seeking out ways to communicate with our parents and families.
  • The teachers at the school keep parents informed through monthly newsletters or web-sites.  I receive a copy of their updates as well.
  • I read through each student’s report card, I am available during Parent Teacher Interviews and I monitor student progress through conversations with teachers.
  • We have implemented Family Fun Nights at the school.  Our School Council plans many events through the year.  These have included: Meet the Staff Bar-B-Q, Halloween Family Dance, Family Movie Night, Christmas Activity night and Spring Family Dance.
  • We communicate through our monthly newsletter and school web-site.

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