Embodying Visionary Leadership

As outlined by Alberta Education

A leader collaborates with the school community to create and implement a shared vision for student success, engagement, learning and well-being.

Achievement of this competency is demonstrated by indicators such as:

(a) communicating a philosophy of education that is student-centred and based on sound principles of effective teaching and leadership;

(b) recognizing the school community’s values and aspirations and demonstrating an appreciation for diversity;

(c) collaborating with other leaders and superintendents to address challenges and priorities;

(d) supporting school community members, including school councils, in fulfilling their roles and responsibilities;

(e) promoting innovation, enabling positive change, and fostering commitment to continuous improvement; and

(f) accessing, sharing and using a range of data to determine progress towards achieving goals.


From prior, “Principal Quality Standard”

The principal:

a) communicates and is guided by an educational philosophy based upon sound research, personal experience and reflection

  • I pride myself on being a lifelong learner.  I am always reading articles, books or other professional resources to remain current.  With each of my graduate courses I further develop my educational philosophy.
  • Blogging has brought a new level of reflection to my practice.

b) provides leadership in keeping with the school authority’s vision and mission

  • Collaborate with the staff each year to develop a meaningful and relevant 3 year plan based on current results and best practices
  • Working with a District committee to research and develop a Fine Arts/Project Based Learning Program for our School District.

c) meaningfully engages the school community in identifying and addressing areas for school improvement

  • Share with School Council our school results and current 3 Year Plan
  • Monthly discussions at our School Council meetings about how to improve our school community and involvement of our families.
  • Through our school newsletter & web-site, I share with families what teachers are doing on their Professional Development days

d) ensures that planning, decision-making, and implementation strategies are based on a shared vision and an understanding of the school culture

  • Consistently remind staff about the students we serve and our vision as a school.  St. Pats: We have determined this year, our mission statement and values statements need revisiting.
  • St. Kateri: We align our school goals with district and provincial goals.  During each Professional Development day we remain focused by re-visting this important alignment.

e) facilitates change and promotes innovation consistent with current and future school community needs

  • St. Patrick: Tried a reverse-lunch idea to determine if it would benefit our students.  The trial lasted for one week and the staff determined there were no added benefits to the idea, so no further implementation was needed.
  • Learning Commons: although we are not a pilot school, we are working towards developing a Learning Commons space in our school.

f) analyzes a wide range of data to determine progress towards achieving school goals

  • Analyze yearly reading and writing assessments to determine areas of strength and areas that require improvement
  • Analyze our PAT results to determine areas of strength and areas that require improvement
  • Analyze our Accountability Pillar Survey to determine areas of strength and areas that require improvement.
  • Analyze Grade 4 Insight results to determine thinking habits of our students.
  • When we have a specific numeracy goal, we analyze specific data to determine next steps

g) communicates and celebrates school accomplishments to inspire continuous growth

  • We enjoy celebrating our successes and accomplishments through our newsletters, websites and my twitter account

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