Marks of a Catholic Leader

As outlined by Grande Prairie & District Catholic Schools

The Principal effectively demonstrates religious and moral leadership by fostering and improving the climate within the school which fosters its growth as a Catholic Community within the school and Parish.

I believe that I have grown in my ability to nurture Catholic faith, community and culture in my position as Principal.  I believe that I consistently model a commitment to our Gospel values.

The School Principal:

a) develops a written statement of the philosophy of the school

b) seeks the cooperation of the parish in the development of the sacramental life of the students

  • organize volunteers for Hospitality Ministers
  • ensure information about sacramental preparation and parish activities is communicated to parents through our school newsletter and email system.
  • encourage teachers to involve priests and parish staff in sacramental preparation of students

c) assures effective Religious programming is permeated into all subjects and activities

d) encourages an atmosphere in which the Christian dimension permeates the daily activities

A treasured note I received when I moved from one school to another.

A treasured note I received when I moved from one school to another.

  • through disciplinary and other student interactions, reminding students about how our Faith helps us through difficult situations and provides a guide or a light for our path.

e) demonstrates a sense of caring in dealing with students, staff, parents and the community

Faith leadership is a difficult task.  It is so important to what we do each and everyday in our schools.  Sometimes, I believe it is in the little things that we demonstrate our faith: a smile, a hug or an encouraging word to someone who is struggling.  Faith is demonstrated through how we deal with others, those we like and those we do not like.  We model our faith by being compassionate, encouraging and kind.  Through all of these activities I feel that I have demonstrated a commitment to the faith development of students, families and staff.

f) promotes school-based celebrations and other special school activities such as retreats and reflections 

Through my past five years in my role as Principal I have:

    • attended two Blueprints Conferences (2011 & 2013)
    • helped lead district administrators through an Admin retreat
    • led St. Patrick Staff through a one-day faith retreat
    • collaborated with Peace Retreats to implement a one-day faith retreat for the staff of St. Patrick School
    • currently serve as a school rep on our district Faith Leadership Committee, led our staff through a morning retreat exercise
    • encouraged and supported any school initiatives for social justice in addition to our District Service Project
    • ensured school celebrations, liturgies and daily prayers are planned that celebrate Catholic school culture and faith development
    • ensured that appropriate instructional resources are available for teachers and students

My Faith


Above is one of my favourite bible quotes, one that I often reflect on in my personal and work-life.  These words are a guide for my interactions with others, as I work through difficult problems and my daily prayer.

Personal goals:

  • Find time for silence and reflection.
  • Continue to consistently attend Saturday evening mass.
  • I recently volunteered to be a lector for our Parish and attended the one hour workshop in November.  I started in  January.
  • I will continue to permeate faith in my weekly emails to staff (an example is here December 2-6).
  • I will read Part One of Matthew Kelly’s, Rediscovering Catholicism by December 31. Changed my mind! :) Working through “4 Signs of a Dynamic Catholic”

I love how Pope Francis explained “Faith as a journey” to a student when he was visiting.  Read the rest of what he said here:


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