Keep Calm

Wow, it’s been a full year since my last post…it’s been a busy, fun filled, blessed year.

But this year has also come with it’s challenges (just like every other year:)).  The challenges seem to be draining me more than any other usual year.  I’m not really sure of the reason why, maybe the new school, maybe the new philosophy, maybe I’m getting old. :)  Recently, my husband texted me the following…


Great advice from a very smart man (please don’t tell him I said that).  But, very fitting for the way my days were going.  Each day is always a new adventure, but each day I found myself questioning my decisions and rethinking my approach.  This simple phrase reminded me to continue to stay true to my beliefs about how to lead a school.

Leading a school is a tough job.  Don’t let anyone tell you any different.  When you are tired and drained, it is easy to lose your way.  Then there are beacons that remind you of your purpose.  After a particularly tough day, I walked down the hall into my office to see this…


A beautiful reminder of the positive things we do every day, including the difficult ones.

From me to you…”Keep Calm and Principal On.”


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