Scattered Reflections

I recently had a colleague mention to me something about my blog and how I hadn’t written anything in awhile…so I took a look, yep, it’s been a year.  :(  Ooops.  Somehow in the “busy”-ness of my life, this important part of what I do has been neglected.

My life has been a bit of whirlwind since last year.  I finished the year in a K-8 school, was transferred to an alternative high school for September-February and now I am in central office getting ready to open a NEW school!!!!

As I look at the task ahead of me I feel excited, overwhelmed, inspired and… scattered.  I feel pulled in many different directions on a daily basis.  This is not uncommon for a school Principal, just different in this context.  I was unsure of why I was feeling so scattered until I sat down and started to map out all the thoughts going through my mind.  Here is what it ended up looking like…


And I have added more this evening…

My mind is continually racing, reflecting and processing our school philosophy and how to ensure we create a positive, collaborative culture in this new space.  These are two very critical components that speak to my heart about education and what we do every day in schools.  How will I effectively articulate and communicate these important pieces to the staff, families and community? I find myself going back to this question over and over again.

I have yet to come up with a definitive answer to this question.  I keep getting side-tracked, losing focus and being pulled to make other decisions.  My hope is that by reflecting here, I will be able to focus on a little bit of this fun “mess” that I am fortunate enough to be a part of.

And this is only my work life :).  At home, life has not slowed down with our four monsters. :) Hockey practices and games, school work, instrument lessons and practice and our sacred family time make up a week.  As a family, we realize it is vital to hold some time each week as special, time where we can re-connect and just “be” together.  Family supper times, watching a show together or playing a card game help to remind us of what is important.

Maybe there is a lesson in my family life that I could utilize in my work life?  Focusing on the important pieces of my work life and family life will hopefully help me to feel less “scattered” and more on-track.

Suggestions, ideas,  or advice are always welcome…



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