A favourite part of my day…

sunriseEvery morning I stand at the front doors of our school and welcome the students as they enter.  This is one of my favourite parts of the day.  I love starting their day with a smile and a cheerful, “good morning.”

We do not know how their morning has started. This greeting may be their first positive interaction of the day.  What a powerful responsibility.

As I have been at the school for a year and a half, I am proud to say that I know most of them by name.  I am able to ask about their week-end or their participation in events outside of the school.  It is my way to get to know these children a little bit more.  Getting to know them allows me to “read” their little faces.

Many questions cross my mind during this less-than-a-second daily interaction. Are they upset?  Are they angry? Or do they look happy and content? Did they eat breakfast?  Were they alone because their parents work early hours?  How was their bus ride?  Did they remember to bring their homework or library books?  Did someone read to them last night?  Were they given a hug by their mom or dad before they left for school?

There have been days where I rush to a teacher to let them know that I feel that student may have had a difficult start to their day or that a student is excited to share a family story!  I am able to share this insight with teachers if it is useful, but mostly, it is just a wonderful way to begin each day!





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