My school…

DSC_0046Day 5: Post a picture of your classroom (school), and describe what you see, and what you don’t see but would like to.

In our school I see the faces of the students.  Students reading, students collaborating, students learning.  Students smiling and laughing and students frustrated and sad.  Students growing and progressing.

In our school I see our staff.  We are so fortunate to have a dedicated and hard working staff at our school.  Teachers, educational assistants, secretaries, library clerk and custodians work together to make our school amazing.

In our school, I would like to see an opening of doors and change to our more traditional structures.  We are beginning to see teachers opening their doors to allow for a variety of learning environments and experiences.  Teachers are beginning to collaborate with grade level partners.  We have observed grade 7 students working with grade 3 and 4 students on a similar project.  More and more we are discovering that learning is not linear or compartmentalized.  So why do educators insist on teaching this way?  If we open our doors and shift our minds our students will benefit!



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