Teacher Observation Plan


Day 3: Discuss one teacher observation area that you would like to improve on. (I adapted this blog post slightly to fit with my role as school Principal)

Our teachers at St. Kateri are doing amazing work. We try to tell our teachers (and others) how great they as often as we can. Our teachers must feel valued and appreciated. They work hard each and every day. We also believe that even the very best teachers could improve in some way. Last year, the Vice Principal and I decided to work through each individual Alberta TQS KSA in a reflective and purposeful way. Each month was a different focus. Our teachers were encouraged to use the rubric provided to self-assess their current teaching practice. As an admin team we want to support each individual, as they improve their practice. Our goal of each observation is to coach, question, guide and support improvement and teacher efficacy.

To continue building on the work we started last year, we have developed the following plan.

We will:

  • Attempt to provide each teacher with at least 60 minutes of instructional supervision each month.
  • We will be using a shared Google doc to track our observations for the year.
  • Our observation will focus on the essential question that the teacher sets in their Professional Learning Plan at the beginning of the year and on TQS KSA’s.
  • A follow-up professional conversation will occur between the admin and the teacher. We will discuss strengths and questions to consider.
  • Written feedback will be provided to the teacher after the conversation.

An additional goal we have for this school year is to encourage and support teachers to initiate and complete peer-observations. The feedback provided by colleagues will be beneficial to all involved. Our plan is to initiate a discussion during our collaborative day on October 24th. We will encourage our teachers to “invite” a colleague to observe their teaching. The teacher will set the “focus area” for the observation. It will be critical for the teachers to have time to discuss the observation. The Principal and Vice-Principal will cover classes to help this process.



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