Summer blogging


So, it’s summer at our house and already my monsters have used the much dreaded “b” word. “Mom, I’m BORED!”  Oh how I loathe that word. :)

However, my oldest daughter finished this statement with, “I want to start a web-site.”  I instantly kicked into “teacher-mode” and asked, “Why a web-site?”  Our conversation was an interesting one, in the end she explained that she wanted to have a space to share her thoughts and ideas about a variety of things.  So, I gently advised (she’s 11 so it has to be her idea :)) that she may want to consider creating a blog space for this purpose.  She was thrilled with this idea and we had to get started right away, like instantly.

We worked together to set her up on Blogger which was a simple process as she has a Google account set up through our school district.  She spent time deciding what to title her blog.  We had decided that she should focus on her summer activities to start with, then if she wanted to continue she could.  Once she had the initial set up complete, we loaded the Blogger app on her iPad mini.  She can add posts as she thinks of them. As she was writing her first post she was continually asking me for feedback.  “Mom, does this make sense?”  “Should I write this?” “What about this?”  “Listen to this sentence.” After a lot of discussion and checking, I told her she should just publish it already. :)  Her response, “But everyone can see it, I want it to be good, I want it to be perfect.”  This made the teacher in me smile.

Is this not what we want each of our students to say?  When students are asked to present their work to the world, they pay attention, they focus, they work hard.  If my experience with my daughter was any indication, they will revise, ask for feedback and check their work for accuracy. They will take pride in what they present in a digital format.  I could have easily told my daughter to write a journal entry on a piece of paper.  I do not believe she would have been as engaged in the process.  Further evidence of this is that my son has now asked me to help him create his own blog and he HATES to write. :)

I plan to share this experience with my staff in the fall in an effort to encourage them to have their students present their learning in a digital format.

Now, I have to go help Naomi revise the four posts she has sitting un-published and help Reid create his own summer blog.  Hopefully, I won’t hear that “b” word again for awhile.  (Wishful thinking…)

If you have a minute you can check out Naomi’s initial blogpost at: 



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