Getting past “bloggers block”

So I have been struggling to write a blog post.  Tried all of December, no luck!  Tried over Christmas break, no luck!  Tried the past few weeks, again no luck!  I shared my frustration with a few people (I think one person was our Assistant Superintendent).  Today he shared the following video with me…

Well, a light went on!  I tend to over-analyze and over-think things (I know, this is shocking to those who know me).  I realize that I am right back to the same thinking pattern as I was when I wrote, “Say Something…” (back here)

After watching the video, I am refocused.  I can write about the day to day interactions and school situations.  I can write about my experiences, thoughts and ideas.

The important facts are that

1. I will be writing and reflecting; and

2. this blog is for ME.

I think I am past my “bloggers block” for awhile anyways…



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