Baby Steps


Photo credit: Thomas Leth-Olsen / / CC BY

As I begin this very scary journey into the blogging world, I am reminded of a statement that I often use with students, parents, friends and my own children  “Just remember, baby steps, one foot in front of the other, baby steps.”  I have often felt that in order to “blog” I should have something profound or enlightening to say.  So I have been waiting for that “perfect moment” or “profound statement.”  I should have been taking my own advice and taking baby steps.  

As I watched each of my children learn to walk, I remember with amazement their sense of trust.  They trusted that I would hold on to them until they were ready.  They held on tightly at first, releasing their grip little by little.  As they were more steady and more confident they would venture on their own.  Taking one step at a time.

As educators, we are often much too isolated.  We don’t feel we have that hand to hold on to, or a person to support us as we try.  I have been much too nervous to try, to be vulnerable, to put my thoughts and opinions out there for everyone to see.  I have been too afraid to take that first step.  After my experience at our conference this week, I realize we have a network of support.  We only need to look for it.  It may be on twitter or it may be a colleague, a friend or the words of a speaker. 

So it is with a bit of “blind trust” that I create this first post.  My attempt to learn, reflect and connect.  My first, tentative, baby step.


One thought on “Baby Steps

  1. The first step is the biggest one and even a small step forward is a step forward. After reading your three posts, it is obvious that you have been holding out for too long but I am glad that you are sharing now. There is so much that others (including myself) can learn from you! Thank you for jumping in :) I will be watching as you continue!

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